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EPS power supply

  • EPS power supply
  • EPS power supply
  • EPS power supply

EPS power supply

    Количество минимального заказа: 5 Set/Sets
    транспорт: Ocean
    Способность поставки: 1000 sets per year
    Порт: Qingdao

Базовая информация

Модель: XYH-EPS

Описание продукта

1、Product overview

Emergency power supply is a kind of standby power supply device. Emergency power supply can provide the second emergency power supply for the important load when the emergency of main equipment leads to power failure.

Installation form: embedded type, wall mounted type, floor type

Standby time: according to the design requirements

2Product features

1) Emergency power supply 110V/208V/220V/380V/400V/415V/440V/50/60Hz(optional) sine wave AC emergency power supply will be automatically provided when the power supply is interrupted or the voltage exceeds the specified range, so as to ensure the normal operation of fire lamps and other important loads.

2) High performance - using IGBT high frequency SPWM inverter technology, high quality power supply, suitable for various loads.

3) .High reliability - using advanced technology and redundant design, multi CPU control, and selecting high-quality components, meticulously manufactured, stable performance and high reliability.

4).Perfect protection - excellent output overload protection, short circuit protection, battery reverse connection protection, over discharge protection and other perfect protection functions, strong anti misuse ability.

5) Friendly interface - LCD (or color touch screen) English characters display the working status, mains voltage, output voltage, frequency, battery voltage, load rate, fault and other information, clear and clear; Sound and light fault alarm, indicating the type of fault, and has the function of fault silencing.

6)Strong charging capacity - the machine is equipped with a high current charger with self-control charging technology, with fast charging speed and stable floating charging voltage..

7)Simple structure - modular design is adopted in the functional parts of the machine, with simple structure and convenient maintenance

8) Remote monitoring RS232 or RS485 digital communication interface, standard Modbus communication protocol, remote computer centralized monitoring and management of EPS.

9)three Intelligent battery management - intelligent battery monitoring management components, strengthen battery monitoring, extend battery life and utilization.

3、Technical superiority of emergency power supply

1) High performance

w Main core use famous brand in the world, the output is equipped with isolation transformer, and the output waveform is sine wave, which has strong adaptability to load. Adopting IGBT high frequency SPWM inverter technology, the quality of emergency power supply is high

- Sine wave output, stable voltage and frequency, low waveform distortion;

- It has fast dynamic response speed, adapts to the rapid change of load, and has strong resistance to load impact;

- The output power is sufficient to allow overload operation below 120%.

w Digital control technology, complete control function

- Data acquisition, judgment, logic analysis and control are all digital and software, with complete and flexible control functions and high degree of automation and intelligence;

- The control parameters are set by software, which is flexible and convenient to adjust and change. Once set, it can ensure long-term stability without parameter drift;

- Self developed digital control hardware system and control software, with independent intellectual property rights, easy to continuously upgrade product performance, and can change and add control functions according to user requirements.

w Fast switching speed, suitable for various occasions of emergency power supply applications。

2) High reliability

w All of them adopt advanced and mature technology without technical risk

- Related technologies are mature in UPS, switching power supply, communication equipment, frequency control and other fields;

- Set company for many years of power products and industrial control product development and design experience and rich technical accumulation.

Redundancy design technology is adopted to minimize system failure rate

- Optimize the design parameters, select the component specifications reasonably, and the design margin is sufficient;

- The key part adopts redundant backup design;

- Perfect buffer and protection design, strictly limit the electrical and thermal stress of power devices and sensitive devices.

Digital control circuit reduces the complexity of system hardware and improves the reliability

- All kinds of complex control logic are realized by software, the hardware circuit is simple, and the failure rate is low;

- Mature control software design, stable and reliable operation;

- The modular structure of network communication and multi MCU control are adopted to minimize the impact of local faults on the whole system and reduce the system repair time;

- Running state self diagnosis function, easy to find and eliminate faults and hidden dangers in time.

Good heat dissipation design, low temperature rise, high reliability.

Intelligent air cooling is adopted to ensure the normal operation of the machine.

High quality devices are selected, and excellent manufacturing process is selected, and the performance is stable and reliable:

- Semiconductor power devices, control chips and key devices are made of high-quality famous brand products, and other devices and materials are made of professional, regular and famous products;

- All components and raw materials have been strictly inspected and quality screened, and the whole machine has been strictly inspected before leaving the factory;

- Effective guarantee of iso9001-2018 quality assurance system。

3) high efficiency

The full bridge SPWM inverter driven by three-level frequency doubling has low switching loss and filter loss, high inverter quality and optimal comprehensive performance;

High quality power devices, low switching loss and on state loss;

High quality output transformer, high efficiency, low loss

High quality imported silicon steel sheet with iron loss less than 1W / kg is adopted; High quality oxygen free copper electromagnetic wire with low resistivity; Advanced and reasonable transformer design to optimize efficiency and performance.;

4) Perfect protection function

Perfect DC system protection design to ensure the safe operation of the system;

Multiple protection design of inverter to ensure the inverter toughness, overload resistance and misuse resistance;

The shielding battery over discharge protection can effectively protect the battery and maximize the use of battery energy in emergency.

5) Fast charging

Equipped with automatic high-power high-frequency PWM control, conversion charger, charging current / voltage automatic control, good charging control and protection characteristics, stable floating charging voltage;

The standard charging time is 15 hours, and fast charging configuration can be provided according to user's requirements。

6) Intelligent battery management

High precision battery real-time monitoring system, real-time monitoring of each battery status;

Highly intelligent data processing, accurate alarm prompt;

All electronic battery automatic inspection, accurate and reliable;

7) friendly interface

LCD English display host working status, working status of each functional module, main power voltage / frequency, inverter output voltage / frequency, charger voltage, battery pack voltage, battery voltage, load current, load rate, status of each output branch and other parameters, which is clear and easy for users to understand equipment status and information accurately( Optional color touch screen).

Sound and light fault alarm, LCD display fault type and fault location;

It can record and query historical events.

8) Remote monitoring function

RS232 / 485 communication interface can be selected to realize remote computer centralized monitoring and management of EPS;

Standard Modbus communication protocol is adopted to provide message interpretation, which is convenient for unified monitoring;

9) Simple operation and convenient maintenance

High degree of automation, simple operation and use, can be unattended, the functional parts of the aircraft using modular design, simple structure, convenient maintenance, short repair time.。

There are reserved holes on the top and bottom of the chassis to facilitate the on-site access

3.Main performance description of key components of power supply


The cabinet body is made of cold-rolled steel plate, which is completely in accordance with the manufacturing process and material requirements of distribution box in corresponding specifications. Technical description of cabinet:

- Material: high quality cold rolled steel plate

- Surface treatment process: phosphating treatment, electrostatic spraying

- Color: according to customers

- The cabinet is equipped with exhaust fan for forced air cooling


Each EPS equipment is equipped with enough storage battery to ensure that the full load output backup time of EPS can meet the requirements of users. Detailed description of battery performance:

1Less maintenance

Using high quality AGM separator, lead calcium multi-element special alloy casting grid, lean liquid design, cathode absorption principle, effectively inhibit the precipitation of hydrogen, no need to add electrolyte during the service life.

2Seal design

The patented multi-layer pole sealing structure ensures the reliability of pole sealing during the battery life, and the battery is placed in any direction without acid leakage.

3service life

The patented grid structure design reduces the grid elongation in use; The unique lead paste formula, 4BS lead sulfate technology and special assembly welding equipment greatly extend the service life of the battery.

4Self discharge

Ultra pure raw and auxiliary materials, clean process production environment, "6 σ” Process control ensures low self discharge rate of battery。

5 Good uniformity

The guarantee ability of advanced equipment, as well as the increased homogenization process in plate production, monomer assembly and finished product testing, fully ensure the uniform and consistent quality of the battery.

6Strong adaptability

The special electrolyte formula and special active substance formula make the battery have good high and low temperature performance. The battery can be used at a wide range of temperatures, ranging from - 15 ℃ to + 45 ℃. The recommended temperature range is 25 ℃ ± 5℃。


The basic circuit principle is the use of digital circuit control SPWM technology, synchronous phase-locked technology, to ensure the output of pure low loss true sine wave. The inverter adopts imported power module (high current switch IGBT) and high reliability integrated circuit, and is equipped with high-quality reactor and isolation transformer to realize real electrical isolation.

Selected brands: Infineon / BYD

Detailed description of inverter performance

a)-Adopting IPM high frequency SPWM inverter technology, the quality of emergency power supply is high.

-Sine wave output, stable voltage and frequency, low waveform distortion;

-The designed wave crest ratio is high, suitable for various loads (resistive, inductive, capacitive and nonlinear loads);

-Fast dynamic response, adapt to the rapid change of load, strong resistance to load impact;

b) Multiple protection design of inverter ensures the toughness, overload resistance and misuse resistance of inverter.

-Sufficient output power, with 120% overload operation capacity;

-It has the ability to bear unbalanced three-phase output current, and the unbalance coefficient of output voltage is not more than 5%.

-The input and output circuits of the inverter are equipped with over-current protection devices such as fuses and circuit breakers;

-AC overload delay protection, when the load continues to exceed 120% (10s), the output will stop automatically;

-The design of current limiting output protection can effectively protect the inverter when the load is overloaded or short circuited for a short time;

-DC over-current protection, if the current limiting output exceeds the time limit, the inverter will be shut down automatically;

-The inverter overheating protection design ensures the safe operation of the inverter.

Main performance characteristics of isolation transformer

a) Isolation of original and secondary side: it makes the input and output realize real electrical isolation, which increases the reliability and power safety of inverter;

b) AC output voltage: 220/380v.

c) High efficiency: 98% efficiency

The high quality silicon steel sheet is used, and the iron loss is less than 1w/kg; High quality oxygen free copper electromagnetic line, low resistivity;

Advanced and reasonable transformer design, to achieve efficiency and performance optimization.

d) Small noise: < 50dB

e) High voltage withstand grade: 100% of the voltage between windings and between windings and cores passes the AC 2520v 50Hz withstand voltage test

f) High insulation level: reaching level E

g) Low temperature rise: temperature rise under rated load is less than 65 ℃

h) The output waveform is pure sine wave with peak factor greater than 3:1


It can effectively purify the interference of pulse, surge voltage and peak voltage. At the same time, it has the functions of short circuit, over-current, under voltage, overheat automatic protection and so on. It has the function of current limiting and fan control. When the charger fails, it will not affect the normal operation of other module level systems. The design parameters are reasonable, two-stage charging, constant current and constant voltage charging are adopted to meet the best floating charging voltage of the battery, which can effectively prevent the impact of overcharge on the battery and improve the service life of the battery

5Circuit breaker

EPS products of our company adopt high breaking circuit breaker with overload and short circuit protection, manual operation and auxiliary fault alarm contact output. Circuit breaker includes battery circuit breaker, input circuit breaker and output circuit breaker.

Brand selection: Schneider / ABB / Siemens (different brands can also be selected according to customer requirements)

6Main control module

Brand: own core technology, using American ATMEL imported chip

Model: XYH-zcon

Main performance characteristics

The intelligent controller is used to realize the detection and control of EPS.

Voltage measurement accuracy: better than 1%

Voltage resolution: 0.1V

Current measurement accuracy: better than 1%

Current resolution: 0.1A

Bit error rate of digital quantity: ≤ 10-10

Communication mode: ≥ RS-485; MODBUS

Communication error rate: ≤ 10-7

7Display module

Brand: own technology, using famous brand chips

Model: XYH-dsp

Main performance characteristics

EPS of our company adopts the display module of large screen English character LCD + LED status display function, which has rich display contents and simple operation and maintenance. The main display contents are: EPS input and output voltage; Input and output current; A series of contents such as single battery voltage, battery pack voltage, charger voltage, load rate, EPS working mode, EPS working status (including inverter, mains power, charging, emergency, battery status), EPS alarm information, etc. EPS display content also has historical event records, which can accurately provide the type and time of machine failure.

8Battery detection module

Brand: own core technology, using chips imported from the USA

Model: XYH-bat

Responsible for battery automation management and testing. The battery detection system can detect the voltage of each battery in real time.

EPS battery detection system adopts independent real-time battery detection system with intellectual property rights, which is composed of control unit, acquisition module and detection module. It is responsible for battery automatic management and detection.

Main performance characteristics:

a) Real time battery detection: real time detection of the battery to ensure safe and efficient operation of the battery;

b) High safety: the segmented voltage detection method and the way of installing fuse at the outlet of each battery increase the safety of the system;

c) Intellectualization: every 8 batteries are detected by a separate CPU, and the data is uploaded by means of digital communication;

d) High reliability: no relay switching mode detection, no impact of mechanical life, using segmented detection method, reducing electrical stress, increasing reliability;

e) Standard communication interface: RS-485 communication mode is adopted, MODBUS protocol is adopted for communication protocol, which conforms to fieldbus specification.
4. Product technical parameters








Emergency output


110V/208V/220V/380V/400V/415V/440V ±3%(optional)





Waveform distortion

≤ 3%0100% Linear load

Overload capacity

≤ 120% rated current works normally

Transient response

±4%100%load change



Valve regulated sealed maintenance free lead acid battery

Back time

According to the design requirements

Charging time

It can be filled in 15 hours

Conversion time

≤0.25sOr according to user requirements≤10ms


Overload protection, output short circuit protection, battery reverse connection protection, battery under voltage protection, battery overcharge and over discharge and over temperature protection, etc


Battery undervoltage, battery connection failure, charger failure, continuous overload, inverter failure, single battery voltage abnormality, output open circuit and short circuit, etc

ambient temperature


ambient humidity

≤ 95%RHNo condensation

Cooling mode

Intelligent forced air cooling control


There is no noise when the mains power is output, and it is 55dB when the emergency power is output


Optional RS232 / 485, TCP / IP / Modbus communication protocol

Adaptive load

Resistive, inductive, capacitive and various mixed loads

Design life of main engine

More than 20years

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